Corporate Social Responsibility

Oswal Chemicals is committed to bringing positive and sustainable change in the lives of people in our vicinity and strives to attain sustainable development of society by active engagement with the community and capability development of people. Oswal Chemicals attains this by providing direct benefits to the community making people self-reliant, focus on grass-roots issues of community, empowerment, training, guidance, and facilitative support. In this regard, various activities are performed as stated below:


Local Employment

Oswal Chemicals is a major employer and encourages local talent to apply for an open position. Apart from full time employment, traineeships and internships are offered. Students and fresh graduates can also gain experience.


Upgrading Skills

Employees are always encouraged to upgrade skills through training programs and continuing education. External as well as internal programs are regularly conducted for all employees. Employees opting for executive education courses are also supported.



Oswal Chemicals is sincerely committed to the environment and takes strict measures to ensure that the environment is not harmed in any way.



Oswal Chemicals wants all personnel to go home in the same or better physical condition than compared to when they arrive at work. This policy extends to all stakeholders in the company and hence various training/awareness programs are conducted throughout the year for the employees.